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GE General Electric 9F60CED010 Type EJ-1 10Amp 5.5kV 60Hz Fuse (272913390687)
GE Type EJ-1C Fuse 9F60 CED010 10E 5.5kV 60Hz Used (282234184188)
GENERAL ELECTRIC 9F60CED010 / 9F60CED010 (RQAUS1) (311844211714)
GENERAL ELECTRIC 9F60CED010 NSFB - FUSE 10E AMPS 4800 VOLTS (301109487701)
GE General Electric Current Limiting Fuse 9F60CED010 Type EJ-1 Size C 10 Amp 5.5 (312355239027)
GENERAL ELECTRIC GE 9F60CED010 5.5KV 10E Amp Type EJ-1 Fuse GEK-39196 (173119331162)
General Electric 9F60CED010 Fuse (370526228142)

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