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Siemens BF120A Ground Fault Interrupter, 20A, 120VAC, 1Pole (392210838639)
SIEMENS 1P 20A GFI BF120A NEW IN BOX (182672929367)
SIEMENS BF120A U 20A 120V 1P USED (113134516142)
Siemens BF120A 20A (273545478141)
Siemens BF120A 20A 1-Pole Ground Fault GFI Bolt-on Circuit Breaker BRAND NEW (332987376811)
Siemens BF120AMP 1POLE 20AMP 120VOLT Bolt-On Ground Fault (173471190299)
Siemens ITE BF120A BF120 Circuit Breaker 1 Pole 20a Ground Fault NEW IN BOX (192683091314)
Siemens BF120A Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (254016534068)
1P GFCI Bolt On Circuit Breaker 20A 120VAC SIEMENS BF120A (382544428009)
Siemens US2:BF120A Circuit Breaker, Black (B073VYFF9B)

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